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Synth Island News Letter

A. Artists – the submission form is now live and we are excited to see who wants to be a part of this inaugural festival. 

B. Newsletter sign up – one of the best ways to stay in touch for any new website or festival updates

Synth Island and Synth Island Festival 2023 are a new initiative brought to you by a group of indie/alt electronic music lovers from labels and radio, and a large supporting artist and influencer base. The story is that so many good songs are out there – some are easily top songs that normally would blow up as word is spread. However, as the market is so saturated, its only those with some amazing luck or lots of money for marketing that seems to have made a dent, and even this may only get 50k spotify plays before slowly dropping off. 

Everytime I played a Synthwave/retrowave/synthpop song for a friend/family/colleague they genuinely said WOW I had no idea that was out there. – tell me more. This, combined with a listening base that is primarily GENX, younger Boomers, and older Millennials, means we have an amazing opportunity to market this amazing family and get more fans, plays, attention, and REAL success stories.

The scene is so vibrant with so many talents that need more of a spotlight and (most importantly) – lots of NEW fans from outside the current “synth family”. The old saying is you wont grow if only family and friends support you.. You need to impress everyone that doesn’t know you.

The Synth Island effort is multi-pronged

1. A New website at which will feature artists and labels and be the hub for the festival.

2. An online pre-recorded festival to be broadcast on YouTube/Facebook/Twitch in October 2023. This allows artists plenty of time to prepare their “artist showcase” material. 

3. Marketing the festival. We aim to find NEW fans in the listening base mentioned above 

4. Soon a MERCH link for Synth Island T-shirts etc.. 

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