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The Synth Island Steering Committee is so excited for your visit. This Festival is going to be a world showcase for our vibrant and dynamic electronic music community!! With a brand-new website and a new electronic music showcase Festival, along with other initiatives – we aim to bring the scene to much higher recognition & engagement levels and find a lot more fans that WE KNOW WILL LOVE OUR MUSIC!!

On the CURRENT steering committee for the festival are Record labels: RETRO REVERB RECORDS, RETROSYNTH RECORDS, STATE OF BASS RECORDS, and PURZYNTH REKORDS. KSWV RADIO SHOCKWAVE is also supporting the project as well as various Artists and Influencers on the steering committee and subcommittees.

The SYNTH ISLAND FESTIVAL 2023 is a brand-new Worldwide Community effort to bring more attention and focus to the group and will be held over a weekend in autumn 2023. It is currently being planned to be a pre-recorded ONLINE festival with ARTIST SHOWCASE opportunities of ~20, 30, 45, and 60 minutes depending on artists experience. There also may be an element of LIVE shows that is being scoped out for Saturday night UK/CET time.

MISSION – Bring significantly more attention (and fans) to the ALT ELECTRONIC community and ultimately have its own channel on COMMERCIAL DIGITAL RADIO, similar to HOUSE/TECHNO.

• Placement of artists community music into Media/ SYNC
• Increased # of fans/followers for all artists
• Be a visible GENRE alongside other ALTERNATIVE genres
• Have a dedicated ALT ELECTRONIC channel on SXM Satellite Radio

RetroSynth Records –

Retro Reverb Records –

Purzynth Rekords  – PurZynthRekords | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree

KSWV Radio Shockwave: KSWV Radio Shockwave | Synthwave Radio

State of Bass: Music | State of Bass UK (

Coolmowee Music: Coolmowee Music | EDM/Pop Musician

Radio Dark Tunnel: Radio Dark Tunnel – QUALITY IS OUR CLAIM ! (

Wirefreesoft Web Design: Designers of the Synth Island website